Fried Tofu and Egg with Peanut Sauce “Tahu Telur”

“Tahu Telur”is Indonesian snack made of fried mix of tofu and eggs, rich in taste because of its peanut sauce. Very special sauce indeed. It has both savory and sweet taste. You can serve this snack dish even for meal. it is very popular since it has special ingredients: cooked shrimp paste. The shrimp pasteContinue reading “Fried Tofu and Egg with Peanut Sauce “Tahu Telur””

Cotton Doughnut “Donat Kapas”

Today I am making homemade fluffy cotton doughnuts. They are simply very fluffy and airy too that you’ll feel you’re enjoying cloud itself. Very soft even still on the second day. No bread improver and emulsifier needed for this recipe. Try it soon. Watch our video to peep on “11 SECRETS TIPS FOR THE BESTContinue reading “Cotton Doughnut “Donat Kapas””

Crispy Banana Fritters “Pisang Goreng Krispi”

“Watch the end of the video above to see TIPS for longer lasting crispiness” Saksikan video Youtube kami diatas untuk mengintip TIPS pisang goreng krispi yang tahan lama, ada di menit akhir video. 1 cup of all purpose flour (110 grams) 1 cup of rice flour (160 grams) 3 tablespoons of sugar Pinch of saltContinue reading “Crispy Banana Fritters “Pisang Goreng Krispi””