Tonkotsu Ramen

Hi everyone, yesterday I served homemade Tonkotsu Ramen for dinner. I guess everyone know what Ramen is? Well, do you know about the Tonkostu part? Tonkotsu Ramen is Japanase dish of noodle served with thick savory broth from pork bones, mostly they use pork knuckle or pork leg. The broth was boiled for at leastContinue reading “Tonkotsu Ramen”

Super Crispy Gyoza

One of the most sought over snacks from Japan, Gyoza is perfect for any occasion. Let’s make super crispy, delicious, juicy inside, and super addicting Gyoza with me today! Filling: 1 lbs ground pork (450 grams) 1 tablespoon of soy sauce 1 teaspoon of Mirin (Japanese sweet Sake wine) 1 teaspoon of fish sauce 1Continue reading “Super Crispy Gyoza”

Japanese Chicken Karaage (Ayam Goreng ala Jepang)

Today we are going to make Japanese Chicken Karaage, famous well sought Fried Chicken you can find almost everywhere around Japan. Karaage has its own speciality compared to other fried chicken. Check out the recipe below. Watch our video to peep on “7 SECRETS TIPS FOR THE BEST KARAAGEā€¯ on last minutes of the video.Continue reading “Japanese Chicken Karaage (Ayam Goreng ala Jepang)”