4 Omurice Recipes

Omurice or Omuraise is very popular rice dish from Asia that is made of basically fried rice covered in egg wrap. The egg was cooked flat like crepe and covering the fried rice inside it. Omurice was first made in Japan, then it has its own way to South Korea and now to the world.Continue reading “4 Omurice Recipes”

Fried Tofu and Egg with Peanut Sauce “Tahu Telur”

“Tahu Telur”is Indonesian snack made of fried mix of tofu and eggs, rich in taste because of its peanut sauce. Very special sauce indeed. It has both savory and sweet taste. You can serve this snack dish even for meal. it is very popular since it has special ingredients: cooked shrimp paste. The shrimp pasteContinue reading “Fried Tofu and Egg with Peanut Sauce “Tahu Telur””