Super Fluffy and Soft Ogura Cake

Ogura cake is moist, fluffy, airy and slightly different with other another popular Japanese cake, Japanese Cheesecake. It is best paired with plain tea and very light you may want to eat it again and again. Ogura Cake use Au Bain Marie method on baking. Check out our recipe today and try it in yourContinue reading “Super Fluffy and Soft Ogura Cake”

Failproof Fluffy Tall Pancakes/ Hotcakes (Kue Dadar Pancake yang Tinggi Empuk Anti Gagal)

Well, who doesn’t love tall and super fluffy Pancake? It’s warmth you can easily get every morning or little celebration you can have every weekend with your family. Here is my super fluffy tall Pancake recipe for you. Remember to find all SECRET TIPS on our video below and make your unbeatable and super deliciousContinue reading “Failproof Fluffy Tall Pancakes/ Hotcakes (Kue Dadar Pancake yang Tinggi Empuk Anti Gagal)”

Cotton Doughnut “Donat Kapas”

Today I am making homemade fluffy cotton doughnuts. They are simply very fluffy and airy too that you’ll feel you’re enjoying cloud itself. Very soft even still on the second day. No bread improver and emulsifier needed for this recipe. Try it soon. Watch our video to peep on “11 SECRETS TIPS FOR THE BESTContinue reading “Cotton Doughnut “Donat Kapas””